An Abundance Of Rambles..

As the  fun and parties of the Christmas holidays and celebrations of the coming year came to a standstill I started thinking about what I have actually done these holidays and at a first thought I have done nothing – spent most days laying in my bed (feeling guilty for doing nothing) and procrastinating. “Procrastination is the practice […]

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Being 6 Foot At 16..

Being taller than your own mum when you are only 16 is hard – well at least for me. Ever since I can remember I have been the tallest in my class; the one placed at the back of school photos and have always been the one with the biggest feet. It is probably obvious […]

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The Best Is Yet To Come..

Trying to think of things that have changed over the past year and what I want to expect from the coming year is really difficult, when you’re in high school and constantly assessed and studying for exams time just seems to fly by. I remember this exact day last year – I spent new years eve […]

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My Little Secret..

Everyone has their own secrets, some bigger than others. Some personal and sad, some, people don’t want known but others are small beauties held close to the heart of the person who is keeping it – mine is the latter. A secret that I want to share with the world yet I want to keep it all […]

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British life..

As I have been talking to my friend in Chicago, USA it has become clear to me that the life of an american teenager is so different yet so similar to that of a UK teenager, i.e me. And I know that in Chicago it snows a lot and that is very different to other […]

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Stepping out..

I am really not good at this whole writing thing but I really wanted to try something different that I could do in my spare time as well as all of the the other pointless things that I do e.g. procrastination! I kind of feel like this is different to procrastinating because it is not as if […]

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