Exams, exams, exams..

It is crazy how quickly your social live dives deep down somewhere you can’t find around this time of year. All anyone talks about is exams, exams, exams. The only thing getting me through these exams if I am honest is the thought of summer after.

I was thinking, it really annoys me how important these exams are. I revise lots and lots do really well and I can do well in life, or i can do little revision do badly and end up working in McDonalds. Or that is how it would seem. The thing is even with a lot of work I find certain subjects really hard and I don’t think that it is fair to be judged on by how much information you can retain for an exam. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure many people that get straight A’s are smarter than people who completely fail their exams but I think other things should be taken into account also.

It is crazy in school at the moment (we don’t get study leave) – you walk into school stressed thinking that a day of lessons will calm you down and help with the things you don’t understand but then you leave school even more stressed than you started.

I am a perfectionist. I would be so thrilled if I managed to get all A’s at my GCSEs. I have worked harder than I ever have for these exams and I really hope that the work pays off. However at the end of the day, if they don’t – I was trying to think to myself. How important will these exams be in 10, 20 even 50 years time? Not very. Most exams I end up stressing about so much I am in tears or can’t breathe very well before I go into the exam. Not because I haven’t done enough work and I don’t want to fail. More like – I have done so much work and if I mess this one exam up all of the hours and hours I spent preparing will be a complete waste.

I have one month of exams left today and then nearly a 3 month summer!! Comparing this to our usual 6 week summer, it sounds amazing. I can’t wait for the summer to spend time with my friends – hopefully spend some time at the caravan and then on a holiday with my family to THAILAND!!!

Overall, YES! Exams are stressing me out and I hope that my hard work pays off!!

Good luck to anyone else sitting important exams!!

Anyways, I’m off.

Beth x

11 thoughts on “Exams, exams, exams..

  1. Dear Beth, so grateful that your exams will soon be over. You’ve done the work, now let it go and accept the outcome. So happy that you’re going on vacation to Thailand. Such an opportunity for a young girl/woman. You will grow immensely seeing other cultures, values, beliefs, and religions.
    Stay cool, have a great restful and active summer. xoxo

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  2. First, very best of luck for the exams; you deserve it. However, you’re right about exams – although I did OK in mine – rather different some 55+ years ago – I not long after did a complete change of career and the results were almost irrelevant. If you go for what you want – and I’m certain that you do – you’ll get it! Have a wonderful 3 month summer but keep typing and thinking, please.

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